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Vanity House Academy offers the most comprehensive courses designed with all skill levels in mind. Wether you are a beginner wanting to enter into the world of Beauty or you are an experienced Artist wanting to up skill your knowledge and abilities, Vanity House Academy will help you achieve your goals. We strive to ensure every student receives the very best standards of excellence in quality training and industry education, with the goal mindset to create future artists who will be at the top of the game.

Our academy is dedicated to helping aspiring artists reach their full potential. Our experienced trainers provide a professional and industry recognised curriculum that covers all aspects of lashes and brows, from technical skills to the latest trends. With our help, you can unlock your true boss babe potential.


Our Head Trainer & Founder of VH

Vanity House was founded almost a decade ago when Daniela took some much needed reflection and time out to work on her past childhood traumas. Many don’t know this but Daniela was bullied in her school years and suffered low self love and self worth. Her determination to help young women boost their confidence and self love and overall empower women through the art of beauty truly sets Vanity House apart from others. Danielas mission is to help give women a sense of high standards and self love that will aid in creating a community of empowered women that can support one another instead of competing with each other.  Vanity House Academy helps to give young women the opportunity to level up their career and their pathways to a better skillset, more confidence and purpose in life.

Perfect Brows EXPERT

We are proud to offer a comprehensive Brow Sculpting + Lamination course, where you can learn all the insider tips and tricks for perfecting your brows. Our courses make it easy to take your skills to the next level and become a certified brow expert.

Classic Lash Expert

Our Classic Lash Extensions course is designed to teach students the basics of classic lash extensions, so they can confidently create beautiful and elegant looks for their clients. Join us to learn the fundamentals of classic lash extensions and become a certified professional.

Volume Lash Expert

The Volume Lash Expert course is perfect for those lash artists ready to upgrade their skill, and take your lashing to the next level!  This course will add advanced styling techniques with hand made volume fans  and also cover pro made and pre made fans.

Lash Mastery advanced

The comprehensive Mastery course covers everything from the basics of application to advanced techniques. In this course you will get hands on experience with Volume Lashes, Classic Lashes and Hybrid styling. Lets take your skills to the next level.

Are you ready to transform your life and leve up your career?

Make the commitment to the new you and become a Vanity House student today. Sign up to join the waitlist or to enquire for more info.

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