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Empower Your Beauty with Perfect Brows at Vanity House

At Vanity House, we’re passionate about brows and we understand their transformative power. We bring the latest techniques, extensive experience, and unmatched skill to ensure you can relax, knowing you’re in the best hands in the industry. Our team is addicted to creating beautiful brows, and we’re dedicated to elevating your brow game with every visit.

Our range of brow services is designed for anyone looking to enhance the overall look of their eyebrows. Each client receives a personalized experience tailored to their unique beauty. We believe that perfect brows can boost your confidence and empower you to face each day with your best self forward.

Join us at Vanity House and discover how our expert brow services can help you look and feel your most empowered and beautiful self.

Brow Sculpt

We consider your natural brow shape, bone structure and face shape to design a set of brows to suit your face and enhance your best features. Our brow artists are trained in our very own mapping and measuring techniques to ensure your new set of brows are as precise and perfect as possible.

This treatment also includes hair removal, precision tinting and brow styling so you walk out feeling and looking like a new person!

Brow Lamination

One of our specialities is brow lamination, a unique treatment that can be used to alter the look of your brows. Eyebrow lamination, also known as brow lift or brow taming, is an amazing new technique used on the brows to create voluminous, full, feathery eyebrows that are manipulated using only your natural eyebrow hair.  This treatment realigns the direction of your natural eyebrow hair growth and enhances the overall eyebrow shape. 

We’ll discuss with you the benefits of this treatment and how it can help add definition and shape to your eyebrows. 

Brow Tint

Brow tint is the OG of brow styling. If you’ve been getting your brows done at Vanity House chances are you’ve had a brow tint before. Brow tint comes in a variety of shades and is designed to colour the hair, but not the skin beneath your hair. Tint washes gradually out of your brow hair and can last around 2 to 4 weeks. You may choose to tint your brows dark for a more dramatic look or opt for a lighter tint for a more natural look.

Hybrid Brow Stain

Hybrid Dye Is a extra-long-lasting eyelash and eyebrow dye leaving the colour effect on the skin and hair of the eyebrows and eyelashes, providing a rich and brighter result!

Extra-long-lasting tone is retained on the skin up to 2 weeks and up to 7 weeks on hairs.

Airbrush Brows

Airbrush Brows allow you to precisely and gradually build the perfect color, giving you complete control over the intensity. Whether you’re going for a subtle and natural look or a more bold and dramatic style, Airbrush Brows allows you to satisfy all your brow desires. Offering a bold and crisp brow line, this treatment is perfectly suited for the the woman that loves a defined strong brow.


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