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We understand the Cosmetic Tattoo journey may feel overwhelming so we take our time to offer assurance and in depth education to every client so that your mind can rest at ease. Vanity House is committed to ensuring your cosmetic tattoo journey is an experience that you will enjoy and feel safe throughout. Our team of cosmetic tattoo artists offer a personalised cosmetic tattooing consultation, tailored to the unique needs and desires of every client before any treatment, and we pride ourselves on exceeding all expectations every time.

Our team of nationally accredited cosmetic tattooists specialise in industry leading treatments for eyebrow, lip and beauty spot areas; and the continued training on new advancements and techniques pave way for the addition of new tattooing services to come.

All Cosmetic Tattoo artists are committed to continued quality improvement, which includes attending regular national education and training opportunities. We will continue to undertake ongoing education training regularly to stay up to date with trends and techniques, which means we can guarantee that our clients are receiving the highest quality services that are available in the industry.

Our Cosmetic Tattoo technicians only use reputable and quality assured pigments by Perma Blend; Brow Daddy and Tina Davies and these are used for every treatment to ensure safe implantation of colour, along with longevity of your tattoo.

Our latest training has been through globally recognised educators Brow Daddy, SCALPA and The Cosmetic Hub. This means we can guarantee our clients are receiving the highest quality services that are available in the industry. 

As well as balancing and enhancing your natural facial features, cosmetic tattooing provides many other long-lasting benefits- 

  • Ads volume and defines sparse or thinning brows
  • Revives uneven lips that have faded with age or environmental factors
  • Shortens your makeup application time by giving you more time in the morning
  • Scar coverage in the cosmetic makeup areas
  • Increases self-confidence
  •  Keeps you looking youthful and helps you look and feel your best.
Brow Tattoo at Vanity House


What sets us apart from other salons is our specialty in brow tattoos. Our team is highly experienced in this art form and can help you achieve the shape and look that you desire. Visit us today and let us help you on your journey to self-expression and beauty.


Our signature service is the lip blush tattoo, an innovative technique that provides a soft and natural lip tint that lasts for up to three years. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you find the perfect color and shape to enhance your features and make you feel beautiful.


 Our specialisation in fine line tattoos, a popular beauty trend that continues to grow in popularity. Our team of skilled artists will help you choose the perfect design to accentuate your look. Come to Vanity House and discover the beauty within you.


As our team grows and develops their skills and perfect their art, we are always on the lookout for Models to help our team and students up skill. As a model client, you will receive a discounted price and all treatments are fully supervised by our head trainer Daniela.

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