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Cellular Repair Night Eye Cream (prescription strength)

$ 200

What if we told you that all you have to do to achieve youthful-looking eyes is to simply shut them? The Cellular Repair Night Eye Cream was designed as the counterpart to our hero product, the Cellular Repair Night Cream, to rewind the clock as you sleep. Utilising the same prescription-strength retinoid, only with a gentle delivery system to the delicate eye contour to achieve intense anti-aging benefits such as smoothing out deeper lines and diminishing pigmentation.

It’s The Secret to your smoothest, brightest and most youthful-looking eyes yetA prescription-strength retinoid encourages the skin’s natural rejuvenation process to mimic the behaviour of younger skin. By undergoing this process of rapid cell turnover, dead / damaged skin cells are removed from the skins surface and subsequentially replaced by younger, healthier skin cells from underneath. Nourishing actives support these actions by adding hydration and strengthening the delicate skin around the eye.

The Results?

  • Smooths deeper-set under eye creases and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.
  • Hyperpigmentation around the eye contour lightens and the skin will become more uniform in appearance, while further pigment is also being prevented from forming.
  • The skin naturally removes the cells that may be disturbing its clarity, such as pigmentation to reveal a brighter and more even-toned under-eye.
  • The delicate under eye is nourished, healthier, and as a result, stronger and more resilient to ageing external aggressors.


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