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Shhhhh….. The Secret is out!

Beautiful glowing skin you can fall in love with The Secret Skincare

The skincare industry is saturated to say the least. There are a million and one products out there to consider and a million and one skincare philosophies to listen to. It’s not surprising to us that the average consumer is generally left confused about the best products to treat concerns such as hyperpigmentation. If you’re not in the know… well, it’s hard to know.

That’s exactly why The Secret Skincare was created.

The Secret skincare ranges combine multiple, medically-proven ingredients into simple day and night formulas with the aim to create healthy skin functioning in optimal conditions.

Skin Clinic owner Dr Clara Hurst and General Practitioner Dr Deb Cohen-Jones shared a love of integrity and efficacy in the products they were prescribing to their loyal patients but saw a gap in the market for a highly effective, yet simple solution for complex cosmetic

conditions. Australia’s first prescription skincare range, The Secret Skincare, was established.

The doctors have worked closely with real patients on their skin journeys for over 20 years between themselves; Dr Hurst in the medical cosmetic field treating patients for aesthetic cosmetic conditions such as premature ageing, melasma, acne, etc; Dr Deb as a general practitioner with complex cases such as recurrent dermatitis, hormonal acne, etc.

This work deeply embedded the understanding that each patient is an individual, living different lifestyles with different skin behaviours, however, with the same underlying wants and needs from their skincare. The Dr’s listened to these wants and created the fundamentals of what people needed – a skincare range and service founded on simplicity, ease and effectiveness.

They saw was a gap in the industry to curate a product that would perfectly complement its owner rather than try to squeeze them into a one size fits all formula. Prescription skincare allows just that; however, it’s usually not easily accessible for the everyday individual, with multiple referrals, long wait times and large consultation fees. The Secret Skincare answers these issues – we can customise and create bespoke formulations for the individual based on their needs and deliver them consistently outstanding results.

It’s not Magic. It’s Science.

Results delivered to you by science, just like magic.

The Secret Skincare is unparalleled to anything you will find on regular retail shelves. The brand utilise prescription ingredients, medically proven through studies, medical trials and years of research to treat an array of challenging skin conditions and create “healthy skin”. Mass produced products cannot utilise these ingredients in the strengths in which they have been clinically proven to produce results. Their compounded formulas instead allow multiple medically proven ingredients to be combined into a simplistic day and night regime.

Conditions The Secret Skincare treat.

These luxury skin products were designed by doctors to treat a variety of challenging skin conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, acne and dermatitis. They do so by creating healthy skin. While absolutely everyone can benefit from healthy skin cells, there are a variety of specific concerns we specialise in.









Enlarged Pores



Skin Health

Ingredients glossary.

The hero ingredients in all the Secret Skincare products have been recommended by dermatologists and doctors alike to treat challenging skin conditions for years. Years of research, medical trials and studies have shown them to be the most effective ingredients on the market. This is one of the driving forces behind the brand – their formulations are founded upon extensive scientific research, proven efficacy and of course, results.

Real Results

“Real People, Real Results” campaign plays a major role in encouraging others who might be experiencing skin conditions which may then go on to affect their confidence and mental-wellbeing.

Which means, YOU could play a major role in encouraging others who might be experiencing skin conditions affecting their confidence and mental-wellbeing.

Send in your before and afters and with your approval to use them on our social media platforms you can choose to receive any product from The Secret range.

BOOK your next skin consultation with our skin therapists and discover the powerful and results driven must have in skincare, THE SECRET.

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