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Lets talk about skin purging!

To achieve healthy and fresh skin, it’s important to understand what happens beneath the surface. Between the deep layers and the surface lies dead skin, excess sebum, and buildup. These elements can clog your pores and lead to the formation of pimples as they make their way to the surface.

At this point, many people tend to give up on their new skincare regimen and stash it away, never to be used again. However, by doing so, they miss out on the potential benefits of the skincare product. It’s important to note that the purging process has already begun. By sticking with the new product, your skin will have the opportunity to experience the incredible results it can offer once you’ve overcome this phase.

Throughout the purging process, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent skincare routine. Avoid using additional new products to treat the emerging pimples. Stick to your regular routine and continue using the new active ingredient at least once a week. This will allow your skin to become accustomed to the product and progress through the purging process more smoothly.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid using new active ingredients, rath

er just be prepared for the potentiality that your skin may purge. If you’re looking at introducing these ingredients into your routine, here are some tips to minimise or potentially avoid purging:

  1. Only introduce one new active to your skin routine at a time,

  2. Do your research because that new ingredient may not mix well with your current routine (e.g vitamin c and retinol – I’ve made that mistake so you don’t have to)

  3. Introduce new actives gradually. Start with once a week. Work up to twice, then three, then daily (if the product is recommended for daily use)

  4. Ensure that your skin care routine includes regular exfoliating, this will minimise the amount of dead skin cells, excess sebum and build up that the actives can bring up.

  5. If you skin has started purging. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated and protected – moisturiser and sunscreen are going to help you through this, I promise


  1. Avoid using actives after a facial treatment and consult your Aesthetician about the particular facial and post treatment care plan.

The moral of the story is; don’t give up on your new products too quickly. Skincare with active ingredients in them can do absolute wonders for your skin! You just have to give it a chance to really wow you!

Talk to our skin experts next time you’

re in the salon to discuss options and solutions tailored to your skin needs.

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