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What is RF Skin Resurfacing & Lifting?

The hype of the non surgical face lift has taken over in the beauty industry as it now offers long lasting effective skin tightening results that have zero to little downtime and at a fraction of the price. WHY?

The Fractional Radio Frequency technique uses 40 or 64 pins that safely deliver RF energy through the skin’s surface. This creates tiny wounds, which initiates a natural healing process and accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue.

Since the wounds are so small, there is significantly less downtime, and the treatments are much more comfortable when compared to traditional ablative laser resurfacing treatments.

Skin Resurfacing & Lifting uses Fractional Radial hand pieces to obtain superficial epidermal micro-ablation in combination with volumetric heating of the dermis for retraction and neocollagenesis. This combination makes it possible to treat coarse textures and elastosis in one treatment resulting in a more even skin texture with skin tightening benefits.

Let’s first explore how this RF technology is used to target the dermis:


Radial fractional RF delivers RF energy deep in the dermis to cause dermal heating of dermal tissue. Thus, new collagen production occurs via neocollagenesis, and the treated areas heal faster, and skin tightening of the treated areas develops.


Full surface resurfacing by chemical peels, mechanical dermabrasion, or pulsed carbon dioxide (CO 2) laser devices are remarkably effective treatment options for skin resurfacing. However, these full-face procedures are usually quite painful and involve considerable downtime. The concept of fractional skin resurfacing (FSR) was developed to address the shortcomings of ablative and non-ablative device modalities. A fractional RF system allows micro ablation of microscopic ‘dots’ on the skin surface with intervening areas of untreated tissue. Ablating or “resurfacing” of the microscopic dots in the upper layer of the skin allows the natural mechanism of epidermal renewal to form a new layer of healthier and better-looking skin after the procedure.


Typically it is recommended to follow a course of 1-5 treatments spaced every 90 days apart as the skin repairs and new collagen fibres form.

A touch up treatment may be needed approximately every 6-12 months, according to individual needs and responses. The suggested number of treatments may vary between individuals and areas to be treated.


The eye area- approximately 2 fingers worth of space below the eyes is needed to perform this treatment safely.

The lips cannot be treated with RF Skin Tightening

Any areas of hair growth may also not be treated. Other treatment options may be discussed.

For more information and for your Skin Tightening Treatment booking, give our team a call on 0488 014 016.

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